They have….

…an army and their VOICES become louder!

Devilskin is a Rock Band based in Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand.

Devilskin is mostly unknown in Germany but their army rises now since they have choosed and toured Germany three times now. First time in March 2016 to promote their CD „We Rise“, second time only one year later 4th – 11th of March to promote their second CD „Be like the river.“ And the last tour was as support of american Rockband „Halestorm“ in the fall season of 2018 which took them to several places all across Europe.

I’ve heared them the first time during an vacation in NZ in 2014 and the band straight blow my mind with their song „Fade.“

So when I realized that they will play a few shows in Germany (2016 were only 3 – Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin), I thought to take the chance to watch them. What shall I say, more than worth a visit! They really kick ass. Even when there were only about a 100 people watching per gig, the band gave everything for almost an hour and a half! No doubt, the 650km trip to Hamburg was definetely worth it!!!

2017 came up and with it the amazing news that Devilskin will play five more concerts in Germany in March. This time they choosed „Moerlenbach, Hamburg, Berlin, Worms and Duesseldorf“ for their shows. Playing again in small clubs as in 2016, in front of an audience of not more than 50 – 100 people but again, they took Moerlenbach by storm with their opening show! Can’t tell a thing about Hamburg, Berlin and Worms but Duesseldorf @ the Pitcher, it’s not much bigger than my parents livingroom, you could see and feel, they really liked to play and they had damn fun on the stage!

At some time in 2018 the news was spread that the band will return again to Germany for another few shows as mentioned above – supporting Halestorm. In Germany they played again in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and for the first time in Frankfurt and Munich!

If you are lucky, then maybe you have the chance to have a chat or a drink with the bandmembers after the show!

So whenever you have the chance to see this band, don’t even think, just grap a ticket and enjoy!

Jennie, Nic, Nail and Paul, you guys really kick ass!